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Terms & Conditions


  • The pricing you approved (as shown on your Celebrity confirmation) is guaranteed once deposits are paid, provided the original name or names on the reservation do not change.

  • Deposit is $100 per person (suites will be more). If sharing a cabin, BOTH deposits are due at the time of booking.  

  • Although deposits are refundable prior to August 1, 2018, if sharing a cabin with an agreed to roommate, you are still responsible for half of the room charges until a new roommate is found to replace you.

  • Deposit will be non-refundable after August 1st, 2018.

  • You must have a valid credit card on file with our Travel Agent, Maxine.  If your card expires or is canceled for any reason, you must contact Maxine to update your information immediately.  

  • Maxine will charge your final payment on August 1, 2018 using the credit card that you have called into her. You will NOT be contacted in advance of this charge so please make sure you have funds available.  *Please note this is not the same as the date on your Celebrity confirmation. Our group needs to be finalized prior to the date written on each individual reservation.

  • Your cabin needs to be paid in full by August 1, 2018.  Your payments could be in jeopardy if your roommate fails to pay his or her half in full (please choose a responsible roommate).  We will do our best to help but neither your Travel Agent nor the Matchmaker’s Alliance is responsible for a situation where a roommate fails to pay for his or her cabin in full.


Trip Insurance:
Travel insurance is highly recommended and will cover most of the usual reasons for cancellation.  It will not cover every possible scenario (please read terms before purchasing).
Hurricane season lasts for 6 months throughout the Caribbean, and October is within this period.  Travel insurance does offer some protection against storms, but to be covered it must be purchased before the storm is officially named.  We strongly suggest you buy travel insurance at the time of deposit. 
We recommend you purchase travel insurance directly from our travel agent.  The cruise line's insurance coverage is inferior and requires both people in a cabin to purchase insurance at the same time.  In addition, with Celebrity’s insurance, airfare will only be covered if purchased through Celebrity’s Choice air program (choiceair.com). The insurance that Maxxe Travel offers is more comprehensive and will likely be less expensive as it is age sensitive.  It can be purchased without your cabinmate and will cover whatever non-refundable amount you opt to cover.  

Sharing a cabin:
Those sharing a cabin are BOTH responsible for payment on that cabin and must agree with one another with regard to those payments.  
The MMA and your travel agent will not be held responsible for payments that do not go through, so make sure your cabinmate's card works!  
Underpayments on cabins may cause cancellation and loss of deposit/payment, so please choose cabinmates wisely.  If your cabinmate cancels, we will make every effort to find a replacement, however, we cannot guarantee a replacement, so please be aware. 

Trip details:
The cruise dates are October 24-October 28.  
It is your responsibility to arrive at the port by 1PM on October 24th.  Please take into consideration flight cancellations and delays.  You may want to arrive the day before.  If you miss the boat, you miss the boat! 
Do not make reservations to fly home before 11:30 AM on October 28th.  

Passport requirements: 
The name on your booking/reservation MUST MATCH the name on your passport EXACTLY (minus your middle name).  After booking, you’ll be asked for additional information (and your full name) when you register on Celebrity’s website.  
You must give Maxine the expiration date on your passport.  Please double-check the expiration date.  It must be valid for the entire duration of the cruise (and it is recommended it does not expire for an additional 6 months after the cruise).